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Thank you for purchasing the ANCESTRYbyDNA 2.0 test. In purchasing the test, you have become one of the first people in human history to learn about Ancestry by looking into your own DNA. When you open the links below and inspect your data, you will in many respects be like an astronaut visiting a new planetary existence but instead of a planet or moon, you are exploring your own genetic heritage. Three things have made this type of test possible for the first time:


1) The historic publication of the human genome map,

2) Robotic instrumentation derived from the human genome project and

3) Innovative population genomics research that has been conducted at DNAPrint genomics, Inc. over the past two years.


By purchasing ANCESTRYbyDNA 2.0, what you have gained is knowledge of your ancestral proportions that is, the proportional extent to which you are of Indo European, Native American, African, and East Asian based on your heritage or BioGeographical Ancestry (BGA).


Congratulations for being a pioneer in your own age!


In order to view the documents on this CD-Rom, you must have Adobe Acrabat Reader 5.0 installed on your computer. To obtain a copy of this program at no cost, please visit or


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User Manual


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DNA Sequences (.pdf)


DNA Sequences (.doc)


We sincerely hope that you are pleased with your results. For genetic assistance, we invite you to contact us at 941-366-3400. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you look into your genome, and we hope you are satisfied with our service.


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